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Compliance. MBA Administrators’s efforts to ensure our client’s Plans compliant and operating with fiduciary responsibility involve banking and financial models that fit each client’s needs and concerns. MBA Administrators creates funding mechanisms that ensure employer funds and participants contributions are protected through the banking set up process. Financial security and protecting clients’ funds our priority.

Privacy. As part of the implementation process, MBA Administrators enters into a Business Associate Agreement with each client to ensure privacy and Protected Health Information (PHI) is secure. MBA Administrators understands the importance of protection of data and integrity of systems. We strive to create barriers and security levels to protect the information we receive. We use secure methods of electronic submissions and communications as well to maintain the privacy of the data obtained by MBA Administrators, specifically through encryption. MBA Administrators maintains a HIPAA Manual and conducts a privacy audit annually to ensure our procedures and systems are in order.

Ethical. MBA Administrators operates at the highest level of integrity on behalf of our clients. We have no current, past or pending litigation or administrative actions against our company. MBA Administrators is a licensed Third-Party Administrator with the State of Idaho. We have undergone certification and continued education to ensure we are experts in our field. With that process, MBA Administrators is required to maintain a Bond of Administrator in the amount of $20,000 as well as a Business Liability policy.