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Flex Plan Administration
Who can benefit from MBA’s full-service Flexible Spending Account administration?
Our clients are as diverse as possibly could be. We recognize the importance of providing exceptional service to employees and employers who want to take advantage of the tax savings of a Flexible Benefits Plan. We are the experts in plan documents, claims processing and claims reimbursement. We manage the program so the employer doesn’t have to. Our technology is leading edge and provides both employees and employers with access to resources critical to their Flexible Benefits Plan.
What does MBA provide in their Flex Plan Administration?
Our professional staff is available to answer any of your or your employee’s questions about their Flex Plan. We prepare your Plan Documents and provide easy enrollment forms, materials and meetings to assist in educating your employees on the value of a flexible benefits plan. We process claims daily and turn-around reimbursement based on your desired timeline. We reconcile and monitor your bank account for deposits and withdrawals – but the money is in your control so there are safeguards for protection.
What services and features are included with FSA administration?
Client set-up includes all eligible employees, benefit plan set-up, plan documents, educational meetings and online access to account information and enrollment. It also includes developing a custom interface for each client to provide their data to import directly into our system. We provide a comprehensive Administration Guide to walk you through the initial set-up phase as well as the day-to-day operations moving forward. We look for a long-term relationship with open communication to ensure that we are meeting the needs of your company as well as providing you with the compliance required under the IRS guidelines.
Flexible Spending Account Administration
MBA is a dependable resource for superior Administration services. We are experts at employee benefit plan design, implementation, administration and customer service. We take pride in assisting your employees and their needs. Our team is highly trained to handle their questions and concerns. Our turnaround on claims processing and reimbursements creates a positive experience for each individual participating in your employee benefit programs.
Standard Implementation Services
  • Setup scheduled to meet client's needs
  • Establish data exchange parameters
  • Establish carrier plan parameters
  • Establish and upload elections into MBA system
Standard Customer Service
  • Toll-free live customer service support
  • Customer service available via e-mail
  • Dedicated plan administrator at client level
  • Timely reimbursements of claims submission
Standard Renewal Service
  • Update plan design
  • Update plan year benefit information in systems
  • Annual benefit and election change system load
Standard Administration Services
  • Electronic enrollments and claims submission
  • Conduct annual enrollment meetings
  • Adjudicate and process claims daily
  • Timely reimbursements to participants
  • Online access to account information
  • IRS Form 5500 preparation, if applicable
  • Discrimination Testing administration
  • Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD)
  • Receive and process election of benefits, terminations, changes
  • Monthly employer reporting
  • Group account activity
  • Disbursement reports

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